Kids love to create their own lotions and potions! Making beauty products at home means you have control over the ingredients and can reduce the number of chemicals your growing child is exposed to – there are some nasty ingredients in the products we put on our skin and some even have the potential to affect your child’s hormonal development.

heartsMixing up bath bombs, body scrubs and face masks is great fun for children of all ages. Older children that can confidently use the stovetop can be introduced to making balms and creams. Depending on the age range and ability of the child and guests, we will recommend 3 products for your party. Younger children may enjoy simply choosing colours and decorating the packaging while older children can be more involved in mixing together ingredients and selecting different scents. Each child will play a part in making, customising or decorating each product and will get to take home one each of the finished items.

Parties last approximately 75 minutes and are conducted in your own home or party venue. Guest numbers are kept to a maximum of 8 to ensure proper supervision and enable children to gain the most from the experience. If you have a larger group, please contact us to discuss options. We bring everything needed for the party, including all ingredients, tools, aprons and a table cloth to protect your table.

Cost: $200 for 8 children; additional guests $25 each.

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