Naturopathy takes a holistic view of health, taking into account the physical, emotional and mental influences that contribute to our overall wellness. As a naturopath, I consider each person as an individual, with their own unique set of circumstances and experiences, recognising that there is no “one size fits all” solution. A thorough case history is necessary to determine the best path for increasing your vitality and wellness.

A typical consult explores the symptoms you are currently experiencing, but also delves into lifestyle factors such as sleep, movement, stress and diet; environmental factors found in your home, workplace and daily commute; and emotional events, both past and present, that can exacerbate some conditions.

Come and see me – I’m in the centre of Dunedin at 40A Filleul Street, up the stairs beside A+ Physio.

To book, get in touch or book a time that suits you.

Initial consultation

A comprehensive wellness analysis, discussing your primary health concerns as well as exploring the way your body systems are functioning in general.

Allow one hour.

Cost: $95

Return consultation

A review of your progress to date, followed by deeper exploration into underlying causes.

Allow 30 minutes.

Cost: $60

Dietary analysis

A review of your current food and drink intake; simple tweaks will be recommended to help you align your diet to your health and wellness goals.

Allow 30 minutes.

Cost: $75