Mastering Menopause

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An afternoon of self-nourishing yoga and holistic tools to nurture and support menopausal women.

Are you hot & bothered? Grumpy, cranky, forgetful, anxious? Or lying awake counting sheep? Maybe weight is creeping on regardless of how little you eat or how much you exercise?

The symptoms of peri-menopause are vast and varied and can affect women from the age of 35.  It is an unavoidable reality for most and our intention with this workshop is to provide tools to assist management of these symptoms on the way to embracing your womanly wisdom.

70% of women have symptoms severe enough to impact their quality of life, however with the right support through diet and lifestyle, menopause can be made a lot more tolerable and these tools can be enormously beneficial in sustaining quality of life.

Bring your questions and comfy clothing and let Naturopath Kath and Yoga Jac offer you some real world simple and effective takeaways to incorporate on your journey.

Limited places available. 

Investment: $79.00 per person

When: TBC – to be notified once scheduled, or for further info, please email 

Where: Maori Hill Community Centre, 607 Highgate, Maori Hill 


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